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Our newest Platinum Faux Sable line.
So awesome you will smile for daze and wonder where these have been all your life.
Just try one tray of our Sable lash line and we guarentee you'll be hooked.
Our sable volume lashes,  fan themselves right on the super rad foil strip!

Fluff for daze!

Beautiful deep taper and soft strong curls.

Far softer than any lashes you have tried.
Just as soft as real Sable... ONLY NO ANIMAL CRUELTY !!
Completely Vegan lash line like all of our lashes.

Soft, matte black, NO BLUE HUES...comes off the strip like butter,

Each strip is done on a unique foil paper

that can be removed easily off any surface that you apply it to.

No more struggling with taking them off your trays or tiles.

You can stick them on the top of your tray and remove them and put them back

Each tray is marked with the length, weight and curl, no more guessing.

Sable SINGLE 15mm

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