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At Enlightened Lashes, we are focused first and foremost on safety, along with the very best eyelash procedures and products.

Enlightened Lashes  Academy is a member of PBA (The Professional Beauty Association) & also members of Western Canada Beauty Council; the association for Cosmetology Professionals.

We are  "Beauty Safe Certified" and follow Canadian regulations.  Promoting safety and hygiene standards in the lash industry.  We encourage lash artists and other lash companies to do the same.

Affordable Classes & Accessible Inventory

Enlightened Lashes classes are not only affordable, you will not need to fly anyone here to teach you.  We are a B.C. company supporting local B.C. businesses.  We have a fully stocked online store here in BC with fast delivery.  By using a Canadian company you will not have to worry about paying the extremely high currency exchange on the US dollar for your products, OR waiting sometimes weeks or months for your products to come here from other countries.  Many parcels are now being held at customs, many if they are not submitted into health Canada before being sent here.  Also, you are charged with tax and duty fees before you receive your parcel.


Our Master Lash instructors have been assistant to Elaine,  the founder,  before teaching classes and have assisted classes at the University of Victoria (Parksville Campus) and at /or professional beauty schools and Salons in BC area.


Classes are held all year round in Vancouver, Abbotsford and Victoria.  All locations are licensed and insured for your safety and the safety of your models.  We have educated over 700 lash students with the Enlightened Lashes system in British Columbia alone.  The team at Enlightened Lashes loves inspiring and empowering women to their greatest potential. They are also fully involved and committed to learning and teaching every day.

The ladies at Enlightened Lashes are all passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with others. We are a caring and loving team, looking forward to meeting you.

Enlightened Lashes is the first company in North America to post on social networking our before and after pictures of our
"students first sets of lashes".
We are also the first company to ever teach Classic & Volume lash extensions in one class.
We are the only company in North America that we know of teaching with this method.

Enlightened Lashes is considered a small growing business operating for 12 years now, in British Columbia, expanding each year with your wonderful support and we thank you! We keep our prices much lower than the larger "corporate" lash companies coming into Vancouver. We have our own unique way of teaching.  We offer a more natural approach for your clients. We include important business strategies on getting your business started and keeping your clients. Lash companies steal our ideas all the time but we take it as a compliment that we are on the right track we are continually growing and changing. We are continually taking courses from other top companies who we admire and will always be on top of everything new, creating much of it ourselves.

At Enlightened Lashes, we keep our prices low and our quality high as any top company on the market today.

Enlightened Lashes has a government submitted course and our certification is recognized in a government school.  Following successful completion of our program, you will be awarded an Advanced Eyelash Technician Certificate.

Enlightened Lashes was featured in "Study Magazine" 2013.  It was created for students to find the best possible education in whichever field they want to pursue.  CLICK HERE to read the article.


Our Standards

Enlightened Lashes standards will meet student’s desire for high quality training and products.  Our quality and expertise will ensure success and long term client relationships for everyone. Education is the beginning of transformation we love to watch you transform into the best you can be!  We take our training, and our student's ongoing customer service very serious.


Our students have the time and experience they need before they work on live models or clients.  Our students do not need to be trained after the two days with us, when they leave our class they are advanced.

We teach the proper lengths, thickness and curls to put on each individual customer along with proper isolation of lashes. This is very important and a big part of our training. To get certified you must complete three lash sets after your two day in class course. The lash sets must be completed within a two -week period of getting trained.

They will be closely examined to make sure that they are doing the best possible lash work.  The owner Elaine will work with you on your sets done outside of your class. This is to ensure that you are doing a proper lash application and not damaging any lashes.  At this point all you do is practice on your speed. Which comes with doing lots of clients.  We are extremely careful in teaching you the proper way to apply lashes.
We want to help eradicate poor craftsmanship and unsafe methods that are causing so much damage to the lashes and eyes out there.

Anyone teaching for Enlightened Lashes has been personally trained by Elaine the founder, through many classes as an assistant. We are the first professional company to teach in BC and to write a three- day lash extension program in Canada later on successfully breaking the class down to two days in class and 1-3 weeks after class with ongoing support.


Founder Elaine has been teaching and involved with medical and regular Esthetics since 2004.  Elaine also paved the way for Canadians to buy and use glue from Korea legally.  She went through Health Canada to bring you the best possible adhesive.  Elaine spent a year going back and forth with paperwork till it finally got the go ahead and the labels were all in order for sales in Canada. It was a huge challenge for her and a very expensive few months all the labels had to be marked correctly till they were all figured out and legal. Today the glue is brought here legally because of her hard work and diligence.

History of "Faux Mink” Lashes

Elaine, Enlightened Lashes founder created the name and idea behind "Faux Mink" lashes.  Being a vegan and animal activist, she was not pleased reading there was Mink lashes being sold on the market.  She was thinking how she could come up with an alternative idea and name for these new Mink Lash trays that were coming out on the market, one that would stop animal cruelty and came up with the name "Faux Mink".

This name and idea is now used on lash trays from Asia, Europe and Canada.  Elaine's goal was to create awareness concerning animal cruelty, the caging of animals for beauty, the truth behind Mink Eye lashes. 

She is still in awe this many years later at the amazing change she made in the industry. Thank you to all that have supported this change.  Enlightened Lashes carries the finest “Faux Mink” lashes on the market today.


After Care Luxury Line

Elaine also developed a wonderful 100% Organic & Natural Luxury After Care line.  Made in Canada and now available to you and your customers, designed to benefit both natural eyelashes as well as semi-permanent & artificial eyelash extensions.  Our aftercare products don’t just carry natural ingredients, they are made of 100% natural ingredients.

Enlightened Lashes lash extensions stay on till your natural lashes shed.  They do not come off beforehand or prematurely. You need to get touch ups, as your own natural lashes shed.  We recommend every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking super full. If our natural lashes did not shed we would call them "permanent", hence calling them "semi-permanent.  You can go longer of course up to 6 weeks, but they won’t look as full.  Some women’s lashes shed faster than others.  Typically, we shed 10-20 lashes a month.  Enlightened Lashes teaches NOT to use too heavy or too many lash extensions on natural lashes that can -not handle it long term. Our lashes are feather weight, as well as our adhesive is super thin and fast drying, causing no damage when applied properly.


Training Details

Training 2 days in-class 1-2 weeks after class & ongoing support after you are certified and you are using our lash system.


The two days are divided into areas of:

  • Theory

  • Practical and written course with Enlightened Lash instructor.

Our students do not need further training after their class.  We have been teaching in BC now for five years with no complaints about our products or training.

Our certification program is one of the best in the eyelash business today.  We've experienced every challenge a Professional Eyelash Technician may encounter and we don't rush it all into one day.  You will feel completely comfortable in doing your live models with ease.


Whether you are just starting your eyelash extension business, or looking to perfect it, the Enlightened Lash Certification program we will help you take your business to a new level.

Eye Lash Design is truly an art one you will discover through us.  Here are a few things we teach in class:


  • We will cover Health, Safety, and Protection of the eyes and face area

  • First aid measures for accidental exposure or allergic reactions

  • Safe removal techniques

  • We teach the proper lengths, thickness and curls to put on each individual customer along with proper isolation of lashes

  • Once your case studies have been assessed, you have done 3 full lash sets to our standards (100-120 lashes per eye)certificates are issued to successful students on completion of the live models

  • We always have a representative available for all your needs

  • Direct Mail and Telephone Communication

  • E-mail newsletters for sales of products



Offer your clients a luxurious 100% natural retail aftercare system exclusive to Enlightened Lashes to keep their lashes in pristine condition.

We are now offering an amazing "All Natural" line of aftercare (Retail) that your clients will love. This is healthier & safer for you, your customers and our planet. Enlightened Lashes carries the Finest in Organic & 100% Natural After Care. With our selection of natural aftercare products you’ll never have to worry about the effects on your eyes, skin or your impact on the environment. We are getting rave results from these products. Our aftercare products are not just infused with healthy ingredients they are 100% chemical free.


Women love that there are NO harsh chemicals in their aftercare. We are committed to bringing you the finest in Eco-Friendly, Natural, & Organic products.  We do not believe in animal cruelty and none of our aftercare products are tested on animals.  

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