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Discover  the

New Generation

in Eyelash Technology


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100% Natural & Organic Aftercare Line.
Cruelty free Adhesives & Lashes

Enlightened Lashes Training and Education

System uses the least amount of chemicals,

and highest number of natural ingredients

per treatment for your clients.


Offer your clients a luxurious retail after care system Made in Canada.  100% Chemical free, Cruelty Free and exclusive to Enlightened Lashes.
Our Volume .5 second dry adhesive is medical grade and 100% cruelty free

Enlightened Lashes makes the use of eyelash extension products very safe for the consumer

with no breakage of the natural lashes

and no harm to the eyes.

Lashes are a huge investment, health, time and

cost wise , for both you and your client.
You deserve the best beautiful sisters!



Enlightened Lashes History


Elaine Starchuk the founder was the very first Canadian lash artist to write and teach a semi-permanent lash course.
Teaching her course for many years at a university on Vancouver island.
There were only three lash artists in B.C . at the time.

Enlightened Lashes is a member

of The Professional Beauty Association

We are also a member of

The Beauty Council of Western Canada.

We are Beauty Safe Certified and promote safety and hygiene standards

in the lash industry.

Teaching safer, hands on procedures for your customers.

Our classes are performed in

Professional Schools and Salons

that are insured and licensed.

Enlightened Lashes is a B.C. Company

Supporting local B.C. Businesses.


of Faux Mink

Enlightened Lashes founder, Elaine, created the name and idea behind "Faux Mink" lashes.

Being a vegan and animal activist, she was not pleased reading there was Mink lashes being sold on the market.  She was  thinking how she could come up with an alternative idea and name for these new Mink Lash trays that were coming out on the market, one that would stop animal cruelty and came up with the name "Faux Mink".

This name and idea is now used on lash trays from Asia , Europe and Canada. 

Elaine's goal was to create awareness concerning animal cruelty, the caging of animals for beauty, the truth behind Mink Eyelashes.

She is still in awe this many years later at the amazing change she made in the industry. Thank you to all that have supported this change.
Enlightened Lashes carry’s the finest “Faux Mink” lashes on the market today.

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