Rechargeable nano mister...Cure your lash adhesives in 30 seconds!..
No longer do you have to have your clients wait 24 hrs to wash their face or get their lashes wet! This special mister, produces nano-sized particles which cures your favorite adhesive almost instantly. Just hold 10-12 inches away from the lashes for 30 seconds total 15 on each eye.
Nano Mister for Eyelash ExtensionsAll Eyelash extension adhesives cure (dry) in the presence of hydrogen. Thishydrogen can be collected by the simplest contributor–water. Curing the glue provides the transition from aliquid to a solid. washing their lashes the next morning is fine
How to cure the eyelash extension adhesive:Introducing a small amount of hydrogen by way of a micro-mist does the trickquickly and effectively. Make sure the lashes do not get visibly wet only mist!You can fill mister with saline solution this even works better

Nano Mister