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"Platinum Series Exclusive Design Lash Trays"

Matte Black, not shiny plastic looking, the most sought after color.

Classic, 3D, Volume a whole new level in lash tray design for easier, faster applications.

The Lash trays are all blended perfectly with 3 -5 lengths in each tray. Each tray has 16 lines,
Classic trays have approx. 200 lashes per strip ~ .15,.18
Volume trays have approx. 300-400 lashes per strip ~ .07,.10,.12

Each tray is individually sealed for hygienic purpose made from Korean synthetic fibers.

Best Classic and Volume lashes on the market today.

Hands down the softest and fluffiest.

Makes perfect fans for lashes. We have tried and tested them in comparison to dozens of other lash trays

The adhesive on our single lash lines is custom made for easier lash application and superior fans for volume up applications

Our Exclusive Lashes come in all sizes and thickness from .07 to .18 thickness B, C, D Curl.

Each individual line is marked with lash length.

The adhesive on our lines is custom made for easier lash application.

Korean handmade P.T. fibers.

9mm Single Tray .03 .07 .10 .15 .18 C&D curl

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