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Our Volume + glue has the longest retention of all of our adhesives 4-8 week retention
Lashers just love its super speed and long retention!
Used in Russia by 95% of the Volume and mega volume lash artists & educators.
Super Strong, fast drying ,flexible .
Great for clients going on vacation or loose lashes too quick...!
Can be used on classic lashes as well.
Drys in 1-2 seconds 4-8 week retention.Low-medium fumes.
Not for sensitive eyes.
**Fan dry 2-3 minutes after set is done
You must be fast to use this "expert adhesive".
Use new drop of glue every 30 minutes for optimum staying power
**IMPORTANT SHAKE WELL** more before each use 30-60 seconds.
Wipe top of bottle with cotton cloth each use
If you're adhesive is getting old it can cause allergies
Shelf life: 2-3 months once opened.
50 - 60 % humidity is optimal for volume and volume plus

Keep in a small sealed jar or container with minute white rice helps preserve the adhesive

Room temperature best at 20-22 Celsius
Do not refrigerate.
**Professional use only must show certificate to purchase**
●Eye Contact: If a drop of adhesive gets inside the eyes remove contact lenses if present and immediately flush eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes. If adhesive does not come away from eye have client see physician.
●Releasing Stuck/Glued eyelashes: Gently roll the lashes apart, NEVER pull too hard apart and use clean micro brush to get the lashes loose gently.
●Skin Contact: Remove with gel remover and wash exposed area with soap and water. Dried adhesive does not present a health hazard even when bonded to the skin. The adhesive will come loose from the skin in several hours. If redness, itching, or burning sensation develops on the eyes and/or skin after washing, please see a physician.
●Ingestion: Accidental ingestion of product is highly unlikely. Get immediate medical attention and let them know what the client has ingested from the label on the bottle.
●If any eye products cause irritation, stop using it immediately.
●NEVER work on a client if they have an eye infection or the skin around the eye is inflamed. Wait until the area is healed

Volume + (Plus) Medical grade adhesive 10ml