Perfect for practicing your lash technique, this life-like mannequin face with super soft removable lash covered eyes is designed to help develop your eyelash extension application skills. Practice your sets of classic, volume and hybrid lashes and then practice removing your beautiful work and then do it all again! 
Each mannequin face comes with 2 sets of lash covered memory replacement eyes and provide you with a real skin-like touch that is smooth and safe without any strange smell. 
Perfect for lash artist, estheticians and cosmetologists.

🚩Bonus extra pair of lashes included

Lash practice makes perfect!

🚩BONUS Comes with an extra set of lashes 

You will see some of these online , don’t be fooled the lashes on them are total garbage!!! Extremely hard to practice on.
You get what you pay for :) 
These lashes are amazing to work with the right length and perfect for isolation .

Material: silicone rubber
Eye Size: approx. 1.125" x 0.50"
Mannequin Face Dimensions: 4.25" x 4.50"
Medium tan color
Includes 2 pairs of lash covered replaceable eyes

Lash pad With removable Lashes