LASH COATING ESSENCE is a  vitamin packed, nourishing, special essence for your natural lashes and your eyelash extensions to nourish your lashes and prevent any damaged from the glue on your eyelashes long term. This serum also helps extensions to stay in place longer. Brush this serum over your lashes like mascara once a day to remove any dirt and dust and to fully hydrate them with out Breaking your glue bonds!This serum will keep your lashes clean and help seal your lashes on longer !!Wonderful Christmas gifts 🌹 all individually packaged in boxes x 5Mostly Natural ingredientsContains nettle extract and panthenol with rich vitamin and mineral to nourish eyelashes to shine and strong. [Nettle extract: Contains vitamin A & C, and mineral to nourish dry damaged eyelashes and make eyelashes shine and strong.][Witch Hazel extract: Sterilizing, antiseptic, and hydrating effect.][Panthenol: Natural fatsoluble extract contains vitamin B5 with rich moisturizing and antiseptic effect.][Hydrolyzed Collagen: Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect. Tightens skin and increases resilience.][Betaine: All natural moisturizing solution extracted from sugar beet root prevents dehydration, and adds sheen and volume to eyelashes.]

Lash conditioner and healthy serum x 1