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Why use this for your adhesive ?

To make sure your room has the perfect humidity level for lashing. Lash adhesive needs proper moisture levels to help it cure (dry) quickly and effectively.

Enlightened lashes Hygrometer will let you know when your room has reached that optimal level of humidity & temperature.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives aremeant to be applied with a very minimal amount. Lash artists sometimes think that more glue means more hold, but its actually the opposite. The less adhesive that is used the better the bond will be, as long as you are quick to attach the Extentioin to the natural lash before the adhesive drys.


1. Large screen LCD displays temperature, humidity and time.

2. Low power, high precision, high stability.

3. Maximum and minimum temperature/humidity memory function.

4. Celsius/Fahrenheit switch display.

Hygrometer / Thermometer

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