Eyelash Cleaning Brush X 5 brand new lash wash brushes twice as soft as the old ones !!!Best brush ever to remove make and oils from around the eye area and your lashesLeaves your lids, lashes and face feeling refreshed and squeaky clean!Awesome for retail (sugessted price $10-15  )or client gifts. 	Soft, White Bristles	Specially for Eyelash Extensions	Suggested use with Enlightened Lash Foamy Lash Wash	Use to deep clean lashes and lash line	Cruelty Free & Absolutely No Animal Testing.	Helps prevent blepharitis	Brush Length: 5.5 inches Clean only the bristles of the brush with a brush cleanser/shampoo after each use let it air dry upside down.Our foamy wash cleans the brushes perfectly!

Eyelash Cleaning Brush