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Thin eye-pads lint free...Custom size Fits all eye shapes perfectly harsh chemicalsWill not cause irritation to the eyes like other eye-padsHands downs, best eye-pads ever!!

Non slip while doing lash application.Our perfect size eye-pads are perfect for style mapping your lash work.

Has the best curve for fitting diffrent eye shapes.

You can use medical grade micro-pore tape under pads for extra safety if you are new at lashing.Ultra thin with a cooling effect for maximum comfort.

Great for clients who are sensitive to conventional eye pads•

Prepare lower lashes with tape, approximately 5 – 10mm away from the eye making sure that you only catch the very bottom tips of your client’s lower lashes and then cover with an eye pad. The eye pad will catch any little lashes that the tape does not catch.(If client is allergic to tape only use eye pad (carefully tuck any bottom lashes that pad may have missed under the pad with a micro brush.)Hydrogel, Glycerin, Aqua, Potassium Chloride


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