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Single trays 8mm to 14mm

Excellent price!

Each box has 500 - 550 10D fans to help you accelerate the speed of a volume set.

500 10D .05 loose fans per box, Heat bonded for an ultra-slim pointy base, Rich black color, fans that keep their curl, High-quality, consistent fans that stay open & fluffy.

Compared to other PROMADE fans, our customers describe our PROMADE as having the best qualities.

Our 10D PROMADE fans are 100% handmade, made from top quality Korean PBT. The final product is soft, black, and flexible, not stiff,

saves time for the new lash artist.

These PROMADES fans will help you to create a hybrid, light volume, gorgeous volume, and mega volume that require fluffy and dense lashes in the least amount of time possible.

The appearance of artist-created fans – for a flawless blend with artist-made fans

High-quality PBT to easily adhere and bond to the natural lash

Lightweight fans that don’t weigh lashes down, or damage to the natural lash.

For ease, we suggest using our pink Silicone Lash Pad when working with the loose fans.

10D Pre-made Loose Fans Pointy Base .05 (500-550 Fans)

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