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Professionally HAND MADE and perfectly fanned 10 D fans 240 fans
$28 for 240 fan trays & 39.00 for 500 fan Books
Extra lrg trays 12mm C curl  have 500 Volume fans per tray.

These pictures are using 10D lashes Thin sexy sharp bases (no square base)

Heat sealed at the base - NO GLUE, NO HEAVY BASES like most pre-made fans! Will not cause stickies using our fast drying .05 adhesive ! No more uneven, unbalanced fans, not too heavy for the natural lashes, causing less damage.

Perfect for those who haven't taken a volume eyelash extension training course or for seasoned volume lash artists that want the perfect lash fan in half the time .Ultra light and soft .Faux Sable lashes Extra large tray (10 D for creating 4 hybrid sets or 3 very full russian volume lash sets ) your cost is less than eight dollars per set of lashes !!! Create volume-hybrid and mega volume fans in no time at all with only classic lash training .Most luxurious hand - made fans on the planet!As soft as you can only imagine.Clients can leave in half the time and save your back & theirs !

Apply the exact same way as classic lashes 1 Fan to one natural lash.

We have been selling these since 2017 and not even the top professional lash artists can tell the difference of a trained volume lash artists work, and someone using these gorgeous fans that has had no volume training.available in single size or All sizes in one box !Create Hybrid , Full russian volume or mega volume lash looks in half the time as making the fans yourself ! Lift the fans upwards, peeling from the base.

Dip just the very base into your adhesive (volume plus works best )and press lash fan onto the base of the natural lash.The full sets of volume lashes in pictures used not quite a half a tray each and took aproximately 1 to 1.5 hours for a beginner lasher. These do not come apart when removing them from tray!Super fine and extremely fluffy texture.Cruelty free Synthetic sable mink. Vegan friendly .05 D curl available mix your curls for a super texured look.Mixed trays are created for simple lash mapping. USE DROP BOX TO SEE ALL TRAY SIZES Will not fall apart when taking them off the stripScroll to the right side bar for all sizes

Premade fans 10D & 9D CC 240 -500 mixed & single

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