✅ FASTEST DRY TIME – Enlightened Lashes .05 second Adhesive has a quick drying time of around .05 - 1 second, it does not leave you time to reposition the extensions (once the extensions touch a lash, it is sealed). Designed especially for advanced eyelashes extension artists with 1 or more years' experience.	Incredible retention and workability when your working conditions are humid, unlike our other adhesives.	Works in most any humidity 15-75% Best suited  for volume & mega volume but of course used for classic .	Your game just changed with this tool in your box !! This glue can be kept in the fridge for up to a year. 3-4 months after opening.	Have tough clients that lose all their lashes quickly?? Use this .05 second glue on them and they will be telling all their friends and loyal to you always !!!	
It attaches like a magnet so quickly !✅ NEW ADVANCED Formula - .05 second lash glue has been formulated to provide the best performance. Eyelashes applied correctly on well-prepared and cleaned lashes (always remember to use Enlightened Lashes Pretreatment for the best hold) will last for up to 8 weeks. FOR INDIVIDUAL EYELASH EXTENSIONS ONLY!
All glue is fresh !!

.05 Second Adhesive -Platinum Quality

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