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Enlightened Lashes  presents " PRO LASH PLUS"





















  • Clinically tested, the formula of the serum ensures it has no side effects

  • No harmful chemicals have been used for the serum, allowing it to naturally stimulate the growth of the eyelashes.

  • Prolash Plus results are visible within two-four weeks of application.

  • It is completely natural, and has no side effects what so ever.

  • It is backed by full clinical tests and scientific research before its launch in the market.

  • Designed to help achieve thick, long lashes

  • All-natural; unique amino acid formula

  • Dermatologist tested and approved


PROLASH+ is a synergy of harmonizing Ingredients that provide nourishment to the eyelashes.It is a formulation of natural ingredients such as plant and Lavender Essential oil, Natural Vitamin B and Natural Plant essence to strengthen, condition and soothes lashes. 
Bioenzyme EPM (enzymatic peptide modification) 

An optimum combination of ten essential amino acids that induces follicle formation and hair growth effectively.

Hair Follicle Growth factor 
Active Natural Eyelashes growth ingredients to strengthen, thicken and prevent breakage of lashes and brows.

Lavender Essential Oil 
Anti-inflammatory and effective in the treatment of hair problems including alopecia.  

Natural Vitamin B
Increases cell metabolism and stimulate hair growth whilst reduce hair losses by improving microcirculation.

Natural plant essence 
Strengthen and condition lashes and possess soothing and moisturizing effects. 

Hyaluronic Acid

A water-binding ingredient Helps lashes appear healthier and shinier .


 Enlightened Lashes has an innovative 100% natural ingredients lash growth serum, which aims to visibly improve the length and density of your natural eyelashes. Unlike most products available in the market, this serum is made of 100% natural ingredients that are safe for the eyes, the lashes, and the skin that surrounds the lashes.


At Enlightened Lashes we know how you ladies do not want to give up your eyelash extensions. You can use the Prolash Plus Serum that naturally thickens and strengthens the epidermal layer of around the lashes for reduced eyelash loss. The added benefit of the product is that till your natural eyelashes have achieved the desired length and strength, you can still continue to use the eyelash extensions.


By the time your extensions come off, your natural eyelashes would have grown longer and thicker to replace the former.   Unlike other products at $100 to $175, Pro Lash plus is an affordable solution sold through Enlightened Lashes for half the price

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