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Enlightened Lashes is Canada's #1 premier lash company.

Sorry all classes full and none available at this time

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PDF version of our manual now available

We offer revolutionary new application techniques and programs created by Enlightened Lashes.

Our eyelash extension application was created to make lash extensions easier and faster.

To all you Goddesses, NEVER doubt that you are valuable and powerful and you are deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.


Check our Directory for Lash Stylists to show how many students and salons

We have trained over 750 in the last 12 years.
Many of our students have went on to be the top lash teachers & business owners in B.C.


Enlightened Lashes is a member of PBA The Professional Beauty Association

Members of The Beauty Council of Western Canada

*Extra precautionary measures have implemented in response to COVID-19 for our Training Programs to further protect our trainers, our students, our models, and our wonderful communities*

Considering Becoming Certified? 

Applying lash extensions requires you to have steady hands, good hand-eye coordination, good vision with good depth perception, as well as excellent attention to detail!  You should also have good finger dexterity and be able to sit for long periods of time.  If you enjoy the beauty business and enjoy working with women, then this is a great job for you.

Our training centers are located in Penticton & Abbottsford, BC. 

Learn the art and science behind one of the fastest growing cosmetic trends in Canada - semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

As a leader in the field with safety and a highly respected luxurious product line. Our instructors will ensure participants learn theory and also work on live models.  
We care about your education and the safety of your lash products and lash fills.  We include important business strategies on getting your business started and keeping your clients happy.

For questions regarding classes and to start registration please email:


Important Information

Enlightened Lashes follows universal Covid - 19 safety precautions,  treating every person we come in contact with as if they have an infectious disease that can be transmitted by coming into contact with their bodily fluids and airborne droplets from sneezing and coughing, and to take the necessary precautions as a result. Treating every trainer, student, and models with respect so as to not transmit any pathogens to them .
Please go to our facebook page for full details

When looking for an eyelash extension course
& products please keep in mind...


Our lash manuals/courses and products have been written for and used in the Esthetics department at the Vancouver Island University for many years, under strict supervision of program directors.  Our products are used in the top Beauty Academy in Manitoba H&CO Academy.
Enlightened Lashes is available at many of the top spas & salons in British Columbia including the most prestigious spa in North America,The Spa by Ivanka Trump at the Trump Hotel.
We give the new lash Goddesses starting out with small home businesses just as much training and attention!
We got you boo!

Our classes are always in a professional settings and/or professional schools.  We are a trusted company that gives out the #1 recognizable lash certificates here in B.C.

Elaine the founder was the first lash artist in Canada to write a course and submit it into Health Canada, teaching this course at Vancouver Island University for 5 years.
There were 3 lash artists in B.C. when Elaine began the lash business in 2004.

We carry our own line of beautifully branded luxury products; we have a full stock of lash products in our online store at all times to ensure you have products when you run out.
We are members of The Professional Beauty Association and also members of the Beauty Council of Western Canada and also certified with Beauty Safe British Columbia


When choosing a lash educator,
it's good to know what makes them certifiable

  • Have they ever taught their course in any schools if so please get them to give you the names of the schools?

  • Have their certificates ever been accepted in any professional schools?

  • How long was their Lash Trainer program? Was it an online course,  and who taught them?

  • Are their classes held in a professional setting i.e. a salon or a school?

  • How do you fill your kit products after you run out?

  • Do they fully stock / deliver their products?

  • Do they have a visible lash directory of past students or does the public need to log into their system for that info?
    This is important for anyone looking to see your name to hire you or a customer wants to see if you are certified. 


Please be aware and do your homework! - If a lash artist or company has just copied someone else's course they will not have been trained to teach lash extensions, nor will they have branded products.
We are trying to keep the public as informed as we can, as far as Lash education and certification goes.  Our trainers have had at least three months each of training from Elaine the founder of Enlightened Lashes, on how to teach lash extensions to students.

There are no prerequisites before taking this class, however you must have good eyesight with good depth perception as it is very intricate detailed work. You must also be able to sit for long periods of time each day 4-8 hours per day, depending on how many customers you have.

Why Choose Us?

We deliver your lash products to you after you run out in 1-3 business days in British Columbia, 3-7 business days to the rest of Canada.

We also give free fabulous gifts with every purchase!

Elaine & her team of master lash trainers have figured out a safe and quick method

to getting the fullest lashes "safely" to wear long term.

Our "In Class" time is 2 days.


We are the first company to teach
Classic Beginner & Easy application of Volume -3 D and Mega volume lash extensions

all in one class, and at no further cost.

We give you both Classic & Volume courses in one in-depth manual.

Enlightened Lashes was the very first company in North America that teaches with this method.

Your education does not stop at 2 days with Enlightened Lashes.

You will work closely with founder Elaine herself for 2 weeks after class, by phone and email.

Working out any challenges you may have using our products and our system.
You will have access to helpful videos after class.

You must complete three models after class with the products provided in your class kits.

After three Enlightened Lashes sets are complete Elaine's standards you will receive your  certificate.

After you get certified you will continue to learn and grow through Enlightened Lashes as we grow.

You are supported at all times while using our system.

Enlightened Lashes training is always evolving and you will be able to do that as well.

Enlightened Lashes was the very first company in North America to post on social networking

our 'before and after' pictures of our"students first sets of lashes".

Our students have the highest success rate after class than any other school in North America.


Our Classic Pro Kit is huge and services up to 50 customers and includes Volume Lashes.
Including business start up cards
You will have a temperature check each day before entering our class room.

Masks, face shield and proper gloves to get started on your home models.


You will be a cut above the competition with this new added volume 3D & 10D method of lashing.
We have come a long way in the last few years with lash applications and

Elaine the owner has been flying around the globe taking new courses herself

to keep up with all the best and latest finds in the lash industry.
Keeping in touch with other long time top lash trainers, sharing ideas and product knowledge.
Her classic lash trainers are the absolute best in the business!


Elaine Starchuk is the founder of Enlightened Lashes.

In 2004,  she was the first in British Columbia to write and offer

an advanced three day semi-permanent eyelash course with certification.
Elaine taught  this course at VIU /Vancouver Island University for many years in Continuing Education


Our course has had so much success that other companies have followed suit throughout Canada.

Elaine the founder went through all the steps legally, bringing in lash adhesives and paving the way for many lash artists to work in this industry today.
This was no easy task!

She studied Medical Esthetics; she also worked as a representative and educator for beauty products

at a very large beauty supply house in BC.

She ran and set up two booths at local Vancouver spa shows.
Elaine is fully committed and loves

being a semi-permanent eyelash educator, mentor, and lash artist. Still working one on one after class with every single new student.
Bringing her own style to the lash industry through the best trainers in North America.

She is blessed to have one of the best Lead trainers here in BC -
Enlightened Lashes also  supports many Local Charities including :


Battered Women (helping women & their children to transition to a better life) in Vancouver BC
Animal Advocates Vancouver for Abused Animals in British Columbia

The Standard Horse Fan Club and rescue Langley BC
for abandoned racehorses sent to slaughter in need of care & attention

Nightshift Ministries fighting Homelessness in Surrey BC


Upcoming Classes

Our classes are in licensed , and insured,
beauty / esthetics professional schools and salons



Our classic with Volume manual is  Now available in PDF

March 14 & 15 - sold out 

April 25 & 26 - SOLD OUT

May  16 & 17  SOLD OUT

July    24 & 25  SOLD OUT

Sept  18 & 19  SOLD OUT


registrations are NOW open  
Limited Seating 2 students per class
pretty much one on one training!!

Course price 2 day Classic with easy application of volume and mega volume with huge pro kit included $1499.50 + Tax 

236 422-0444

We have a beautiful place for you to stay right on the lake in Penticton. Very low rates per night !
Pool and gym, walkable to class.



2 Day Beginner Lash Course 
Learn Basic & how to create easy Volume Lash Application


Pricing Information ( HUGE Pro kit included) New revised Manual 2022
with Volume instructions included 
Course price SALE 2 day course with huge pro kit included $1499.50 + Tax   (was 1700)

(models available for those that are traveling from out of town)


Class Size Small and intimate classes only 2 students per class

2 -3 students per class

Class Hours

Day 1: 9am-5:00 pm

Day 2 : 9am 5:00 pm


Course Fee Includes 
  • High Quality Large Professional Kit, with enough products to service up to 75 customers. 
    Kit Includes: Business start up package  , after care / appointment cards, stunning brochures for your front desk, and also gorgeous business cards to help get you started

  • We not only teach you lash skills we teach you business skills, and even show you how to exercises to keep your body arms and hands moving properly for lashing long hours.

  • We have excellent business plans & strategies to help you get started.

  • We also teach you how to take the perfect lash photos for social networking.

  • A set of 100% natural organic retail aftercare products for you to use on your clients.

  • We add in five Luxury Faux Mink Tray lashes that have 16 rows per tray.

  • With a Volume lash tray as an extra bonus/

  • We supply all of your practice lashes  before your model arrives. 

  • We teach the proper lengths and thickness's and curls to put on each individual customer along with proper isolation of one lash to one lash.

  • All of our products are beautifully branded.

  • We are extremely careful in teaching you the proper way to apply lashes.

  • We have small classes 2-3  students per class to ensure you get the utmost attention.

  • The owner Elaine works with you after class with your two homework models, to ensure you are doing a proper job. 

  • Course & Kit Not Sold Separately- Pro kit is included, with everything you need to start lashing!

  • Full in depth manuals.  You will receive a copy of our brand new manual at the course with our current curriculum


  • BONUS the manual includes Enlightened Lashes Classic & Volume manual


  • Business Essentials


  • Basic kit & manikin head provided and you take them home


  • Taking care of your body


  • Liability forms


  • Advanced lash techniques will include


  • Eye shapes and eye mapping


  • Making soft fluffy perfect fans


  • Trouble shooting tough lashes


  • The right curls/thickness


  • Working with different curls


  • Utilizing your tweezers correctly to make fans perfect


  • Special exclusive techniques that our trainers will share with you,


  • that makes them stand out among the thousands of lash artists and trainer




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